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15 Nov

Marafa Hells’ Kitchen

Enjoy a complimentary hotel pickup and transfer to the best of Malindi and Hell’s Kitchen canyon. Sights of Excursion dedicated to Malindi, with its flavors and colors typically African.The guide will take you through the old area known for its old world charm, spices and jewelry in semi-precious stones. Shopping Tour inside the “Arab” Malindi, one of the most fascinating areas known for its textiles, the local handicrafts made of wood or soapstone, batik and kikoi. Visit to the Akamba factory, better known as the factory of the wood, where during all today you can admire the direct processing of these works of art.At the end of tour to Malindi Town go on: The Hell’s Kitchen Marafa Canyon. With a guaranteed window seat, you can sit back and relax as you enjoy the incredible views. Marafa is a small village with conspicuous baobab trees. The village is called Marafa, but its proximity to the biodiversity-rich Dakatcha woodlands is not its most outstanding feature, It was originally a place characterized by sandstone, which as a result of the rains, has eroded over thousands of years, creating a canyon where pinnacles, ravines, spires and sinuous giant structures alternate creating a wonderful show. Hells Kitchen is a depression but the local traditional legend highly believed that there once lived a rich family in the 17th century. The family owned a large farm and livestock while the other families lived in poverty. The rich family didn’t support the local people in any way despite its richness. The rich family used milk from livestock for bathing and washing. This annoyed the Gods and curse extended to the rich family. The Gods punishment was a heavy torrential rain. The local people heard a strange sound in the night and were all surprised to see the rich family had vanished. The landscape is valued for its sacredness. The people around it go there to pray to the Gods if they have problems e.g rain, disease e.t.c and their problems are solved. Together with the guide you will walk within this natural canyon whose color varies during the day according to the inclination of the sun rays. After the walk accede to the “terrace” ready to wait, with cameras, for a marvelous sunset with the typical colors of Africa. After the completion of your tour, enjoy the worry-free transfer in a courtesy car back to your hotel.

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